Introducing the 2017 Youth Training Cohort

Let's give a round of applause for the 2017 Youth Trainers:

  1. Ricardo Rodriguez (Southern Region)
  2. Joshua Elizondo (Southern Region)
  3. Geoshf Schneider (Central Region)
  4. Jordynn Franklin (Central Region)
  5. Cheyenne Mata (Southern Region)
  6. Alea Franklin (Bay Area Region)
  7. Monique Guerra (Southern Region)
  8. Kyrei Scott (Southern Region)
  9. Lauren Mendez (Central Region)
  10. Jeremiah McWright (Southern Region)
  11. Luis Porraz (Southern Region)
  12. Tristin Severns (Northern Region)
  13. Cody Dunleavey (Northern Region)

Congratulations to these folks! The 2017 Youth Trainer Cohort will be training alongside other Youth Trainers throughout the year, providing technical assistance to counties. Many Youth Trainers also represent Youth Voice at a variety of plenary sessions, workshops, and conferences throughout the year.


Woo Hoo!