Ab Workout With Kettlebell

Ab Workout With Kettlebell

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Ab workout with kettlebell | Strong And Fit is a great way to build core strength, develop the arms, and add variety to your routine. But there are some things you should know before attempting the exercise.

What are the side effects of kettlebell exercises?

Lifting too heavy: It’s a good idea to start small and work your way up to a weight that you feel comfortable with. It’s also important to pace yourself and ensure you can do the reps without dropping the kettlebell or putting yourself in danger.

One arm kettlebell swing:

This is another great exercise for developing the obliques. It’s a challenging anti-rotational, anti-lateral flexion exercise, and it will strengthen your midline spinal stability as well.

Stand with your feet about a foot and a half wider than shoulder width apart. With your back neutral, step backward into a lower lunge so that your thigh is parallel to the ground. Press the kettlebell up and over your head.

Return to your starting position and repeat 8 times on each side for a total of 12-15 reps.

Push-ups with a kettlebell:

The push-up with a kettlebell is a super simple yet effective exercise that works a lot of muscle groups. It also helps improve your balance and coordination, which makes it a great addition to your ab workout.

Russian twists:

If you want to target your sides and the muffin top area, try doing a Russian twist. The key is to keep your body in line throughout the movement and use a kettlebell at the same time, so that you can work both your abs and the obliques.

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