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Website Bot Detection

website bot detection

Website bot detection is a crucial process that enables a website to protect itself from bad bots, malicious users and cybercriminals. These malicious bots can cause problems like hacking, account hijacking, spamming, phishing, credential stuffing and DDoS attacks.

Website bot detection is essential for boosting a business’ online reputation and consumer trust. It helps to separate bot activity from real human traffic and makes sure that business decisions are based on accurate numbers.

The best way to identify bot traffic is by analyzing your site’s analytics data. Moreover, you can also examine the network requests from your web server to identify unusual traffic patterns that indicate that a bot is using your website.

Advanced Techniques for Website Bot Detection: How to Protect Your Business from Malicious Automation

Another way to find out if your website is receiving an unusual amount of bot traffic is by looking at the source IP address. If a sudden increase in your traffic is coming from a region, country or city that you are not familiar with and that is unlikely to be relevant to your website, then it is likely that you are being attacked by a bot.

You can also look at the user-agent header information that is sent by all visitors to your website. A recognizable user-agent indicates that the visitor is a bot, but bad bots will usually send no recognizable user-agent and make it impossible for you to distinguish them from human visitors.

Other ways to detect bots are by analyzing server logs and using a CAPTCHA code. Lastly, you can use an IP filter to identify suspicious traffic that originates from certain IP addresses or ranges of IP addresses.