How to Work Out Like an Athlete

How to Work Out Like an Athlete

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work out like an athlete

If you want to work out like an athlete, you’re going to have to think differently about your time and commitment. While pros get paid to train for their sports, the average person needs to juggle workouts with life’s many demands.

You’ll have to stop relying on last-minute excuses to skip workouts—an invite, weather, the kids’ nap schedule—and instead start treating your fitness regimen like any other important meeting or appointment. Write it on your calendar, set an alarm or enlist the help of technology (like daily e-mail reminders and workout journaling websites) to keep you on track. Find out

Once you’ve mastered basic bodyweight exercises (press ups, inverted or ring rows, pull-ups, planks) and can perform them with perfect form, challenge your muscles by increasing the reps or adding external resistance, such as a weight vest or dip belt. This will help you avoid hitting a training plateau, and it will make the movements of your sport look more realistic.

Football (Soccer): Football is by far the most popular sport in Nigeria.

Athletes also account for the season they’re in and adjust their strength and conditioning plans accordingly. For example, you should focus more on agility drills like ladders and dot drills during the off-season to improve your game before peaking for your season. During the competitive season, you should focus more on explosive training and work to improve your speed. Creating a jogging path with markers or cones and then running through them is another simple, effective way to work on speed.

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