Hygge at the Holidays

Hygge at the Holidays

When you are learning how to celebrate Hygge, the holidays are going to be important. Christmas is considered one of the major times for Hygge because of all the good feelings, the good food, and the time spent with loved ones who may live too far away to see all of the time. In Denmark, not everyone is going to celebrate Christmas because of religious reasons, but the Christmas season is still important because of all the traditions that come with it. This is a season of great food and lots of fun, and even some areas of Denmark will get a little bit crazy as the celebrations continue. 

In some areas of Denmark, Christmas will start right at the beginning of December, instead of right at Christmas Day. They will start by bringing out the decorations to prepare their homes to help get the festivities going. Many families may start their traditions with some smaller lunches and parties with some close friends, and many will head out to the local Christmas market to get the presents and supplies they need to get the celebrations started. Homes in Denmark will be decorated all over to help it feel more warm and cozy. 

To start with, it is important to start with some of the memories of Christmas times past. Good memories from other holidays are great for helping you to bring up the Hygge again, and the anticipation of all the fun that will come again soon can help to kick the season off on a good note. Many families will talk about their past holidays and some of their memories as they take out and open the different ornaments from previous years. Some of them are new ones from when they started their own families, but many are traditional ornaments that have been passed down over the years. There are many decorations and ornaments that you will find inside of a Danish home including candles, snowmen, ribbons, stars, and glass balls. While putting out the decorations, everyone is going to feel merry, and there is just a feeling of perfection inside the whole house during this time. 

As mentioned, Christmas is going to be more about the traditions that come with this holiday rather than the religious aspect although many families still celebrate the religious aspects as well. In addition to some of the traditions, there is always lots of cooking and baking during this time. On all four of the Sundays of Advent, many families will also go out and spend time with each other, having snowball fights, and meeting up with neighbors. Everyone will stick with the same traditional drinks such as glogg, a traditional spiced red wine that has almonds and raisins with it, and many like to eat pepper crackers, which is a gingerbread cookie. These are just a few common recipes found during the holidays, and each family has some of their favorites. 

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During this time, there is always lots for everyone to be able to do, whether you are finding a fun activity to do in town, cooking a lot of good food to bake for the celebrations, and so much more. There are terrines to make, fish to cure, and beetroot to preserve. While there is a lot of things to get done, families and friends come together to make sure the work is never done alone. Even when you are cleaning and baking, you should share this time with others, sharing laughter and stories to help bring more Hygge into the mix. 

During the holiday season, there is another big celebration that occurs known as Santa Lucia. This celebration will occur on December 13 each year. This is a celebration for happy lives and good food for the whole year. Young girls are going to dress up all in white and then sing while they walk in a processional with lit candles. It is a fantastic celebration that brings the whole town together. When attending this festival, there is plenty of glogg for everyone to enjoy, as well as St. Lucia Buns. 

Out of the Christmas season, the most important day is Christmas Eve. Dinner is prepared and eaten around six that evening, and traditionally, it will include roasted duck and many fantastic sides to fill up everyone who shows up. The men in the home are responsible for cooking the duck, and if you walked around on Christmas Eve, you would find barbecues working hard at every home, with the men working together in a group and drinking wine to get the bird done. 

A Hyggeligt Christmas is going to have many other delicious dishes. Some of the most common dishes that will be on the table on Christmas Eve include roasted pork, sour red cabbage, potatoes, and many different vegetables, and of course, many sweet desserts make their way to the table as well, including cookies, cakes, and rice pudding with warm cherry sauce on the top. 

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After the whole family has had time to eat and feel satisfied with all this food, it is time for some dancing and singing around the Christmas tree. Depending on how many people are in the family and the particular family, this may last for a few minutes or for much longer until everyone is tired and ready to sit down. After dancing and singing, it is time for giving out presents and opening them. While others are opening their presents, the others can relax and enjoy some cognac or coffee, and chocolates and cookies are handed out as well. 

The following day, on Christmas morning, there is still more celebrating to be done. Your family and friends will still be around, and they will come back to enjoy what is known as a smorgasbord. This is often going to include a type of open sandwich that will have many different toppings depending on what you would like to add. Sometimes, it could include a variety of condiments that are laid out such as cured salmon, cold cuts, and other toppings. It is all going to end with some sweets and cheese to finish up this big Christmas day meal. Sometimes, this event is extended for longer in the day, and the family members will head out for a long walk, getting to work up their appetite, and enjoy some good company before going in and eating this smorgasbord. 

The holidays may seem like a lot of work, and like you are constantly trying to get things done for another party or another thing to do, it is a great time of year to celebrate your loved ones and all the good things that you have. You get the whole month to spend with your loved ones, having good meals, spending time together, and sharing in the revelry and memories all the time. 

One of the neat things about Hygge is that you can create some of your traditions for the holidays. You can stick close to the Danish way of celebrating this holiday, or you can choose to do things on your own and make up your traditions. The important part here is to spend time with those you love, eat some good food, and enjoy the season. 

If you are looking for a good way to see how the ideas of Hygge work and to understand some of the feelings that come with this, just think about the holidays. Thinking about the holidays and all the good times and good foods that come up during this time can get you excited and can bring in a nice warmth to your whole body. This is what Hygge is all about. It is about feeling excited, about feeling content and happy, and about having a good time. The trick here though is to take the feelings that you have during the holidays and get them to follow you throughout the year. That is how you get Hygge into your daily life. 

Getting Hygge all year round 

We have spent some time talking about Hygge and how it works during the holidays. Christmas is usually seen as the holiday for Hygge, but you can experience these same kinds of feelings no matter what time of year we are dealing with. It is easy to experience these feelings of Hygge during Christmas and other holidays; we are excited about the season, about the good food, about the friends and family that we get to see, and so much more. It is harder to get these same feelings when it is a regular day going to work or dealing with mundane problems. 

While Hygge is often seen as a winter season idea because of Christmas and all the cozy blankets and warm fires that are associated with it, this is still a holiday that you can celebrate no matter what time of year it is. Most of the celebrations that are considered Hygge occur during the winter season because this is the time when most people are stuck inside and need more social times and warmth. However, it is possible to celebrate and practice Hygge throughout the year. 

There are many ways that you can introduce Hygge into your life no matter what time of year it is. You can bring out some candles and use those as lighting at night. You can invite some friends and family over regardless of the time of year to tell good stories and have a good time. You can hang out with friends at the park, sit at home with a good book and a blanket, or just snuggle on a dreary day with the kids and your spouse. While many Hygge ideas lend themselves well to the winter months, they can easily expand out to the rest of the year with ideas of going on a walk with friends, having a barbecue for the neighborhood, or having a bonfire on the weekend with those you love. 

If you take a little bit of time, you will find that it is easy to expand our Hygge to work during the summer months. Simple things like taking your kids to the park to play, having a pool party or a barbecue with family, creating a picnic and having a simple meal, or just going on a walk with family can all be ways to add more Hygge into your life no time of year it is. If you find that it has been a bit of time since you hung out with some old friends, have a gathering and invite them all over to share good memories. If you are feeling like making a big meal, take the time to home make the food to show how much you care. Sit at home and enjoy the comfort of your space after those hard days. Bringing Hygge into your life doesn’t have to be complicated, and you don’t need to spend weeks planning it out, just getting together with others and doing something that brings relaxation and comfort are all that you need. 

Hygge is easily seen during the holidays because of all the joy and comfort that come during those seasons, especially after being stuck inside during the cold winter months, but it is also an idea that can follow you through the whole year, helping you to connect and feel good no matter what time of year you want to practice it. When you learn how to make Hygge a part of your life no matter what time of year it is, you will find that it is easier to experience that coziness and happiness that you are looking for. 

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