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Hygge at Home

Ease of Access Means Peace of Mind

At this stage, we are building up to the point where we take you through the entire de-cluttering concept, but in this post, it’s more about the importance of mindfulness in the home and how that has an impact on decisions that you will then make. 

However, what do we actually mean by the peace of mind, and how does it fit into the concept of ‘ease of access?’ Admittedly, it does sound as if the two just cannot go together, but that’s not the case at all. Instead, the two work in tandem. It’s just a matter of knowing how. 

Try to think of things from this perspective. A room in your home can also be a passageway to move between spaces. Now, do you want to have to walk around numerous items and step over obstacles to get from A to B? 

Absolutely not, and that in itself is hardly going to bring you the peace of mind that you are seeking while adopting the methods of hygge in your life. 

Taking the Concept of Ease of Access Further 

Think about the Scandinavian design elements in the home for just one second. They have a tendency for everything to be well laid out and planned to absolute perfection. Each item of furniture has its place, and often they will have more than one function to further increase their usability. 

We talk elsewhere about flow, and this goes hand in hand with the point we are discussing now. To help, let’s take these ideas out of the home for just a moment and think of a department store. Picture yourself walking in the door to be when faced with a number of counters selling various brand names and products. 

Often, there is a flow between them, but more importantly, you can get to all of their items without encountering any problems. How frustrated would you be if displays were blocking what you were trying to get to? How would you react? 

The answer is that you would probably react in a negative manner, including getting angry and fed up. Something that should have been pleasurable is no longer pleasurable. It has been replaced by a stressful situation, and that can then have an effect that hangs around in your mind for a considerable period of time. 

The very same thing applies to your home.

Do not anticipate trouble, or worry about what may never happen. Keep in the sunlight.

Improving the Layout 

So, how do you go about actually solving this particular problem? 

Well, you have to remember the things we have looked at so far, which means the ability to understand the objects in your home and also the function of the different spaces. Without these two things, you stand no chance of actually being able to work at improving the access in a room, not to mention your overall home. 

It’s important that these things all work in tandem. Let’s look at a room in the home as an example of how this can all come together. 

To give some sense of continuity, we will look at the living room once again. Now, as you know, the living room has a number of different functions, and that is where the importance of layout and access comes into play. 

Let’s say that in your living room you have a stereo system, a television, chairs, and a fireplace. The aim of hygge is that you can use anything and everything in a room without too much effort. 

This means you should be able to see the television from each chair without having to move it or change your angle to sit comfortably. Nobody should be sitting in direct line of the fire, so they are far too hot while everyone else is comfortable. Everybody should be capable of switching any devices without having to lean over other objects. People should be able to get to their seats and feel relaxed. Lights should be able to be switched on and off without too much difficulty. 

As you can see, the idea of looking at the layout of a room is that the function is fulfilled without things having to constantly be adjusted. That in itself is stressful and frustrating, and you can start to see how that is against hygge. Also, it makes perfect sense that the more cramped a room is because of clutter, then the harder it is to do all of these tasks without running the risk of knocking things over, having to move things, and just generally being annoyed. 

So, when thinking about the ease of access concept, think about these points. 

  • Can you access each piece of furniture without any difficulty? 
  • Which objects obstruct you? 
  • Can you use everything without having to alter the position of something? 
  • Do you need to remove any object to improve access? 
  • How comfortable is the room with what is in it at this point? 
  • Can the function of the room be achieved with the items in that room? 

This is all about making life as easy as possible. It’s all about lowering your stress and getting rid of those objects that just get in the way. You want to use everything in your home without any difficulty.

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