Hygge Home: Bringing the Outside In

Hygge Home: Bringing the Outside In

A huge part of hygge is connected to the concept of bringing the outside in. To better understand this, you can look at Scandinavian interior design ideas and see how the natural elements are loved and adored in pretty much every room. We did, of course, speak about the importance of light in a previous post, so in this instance, we aren’t talking about that, but there’s still a lot for us to get through. 

In Danish homes, there is often a sense of a general flow between the outdoors and indoors. The two seem to work together seamlessly and this in itself creates a certain sense of calm and order in each room. This is an approach that you are strongly advised to take and we will discuss the benefits of it later in the post. 

It’s no surprise to find out that the Danes love to use natural textures and materials in their home and this has been long known for its ability to relax a room. 

Dealing with Materials 

One thing that you will often find in Danish homes is that they use natural textures and wood in their interiors. It seems to bring a certain sense of peace and calm that you have included nature in your home and the beauty that it can offer. 

Also, there’s never any need for them to overdo these natural materials. The very idea of having a room swathed in the wood would be seen as horrific as it can often be rather impersonal if you rely too heavily on it. 

What we are talking about here are things that include the following: 

  • Window blinds can be in natural material. 
  • Chair coverings can be in natural material. 
  • The same can be applied to cushions. 
  • Other soft furnishings can also be included. 

It’s More Than Just Textures 

But there’s more to it than using natural textures. Instead, by using wood and even including plants placed in strategic locations, you are effectively bringing some life into a room and that, in its self, is a key part of hygge. 

Think of how a vase full of fresh flowers can not only bring a sense of beauty to a room but also the way that the aroma can fill the air. It brings a sense of freshness not only to the spot where the vase is placed but the entire room. 

This is a wonderful example of how something so simple can completely change the atmosphere of the room and that’s something we have been working on. Of course, there is then the need to keep changing the flowers once they are past their best as having something that is either dead or dying is certainly not a pleasurable experience. 

At the same time, if you are fortunate enough to have a window that looks out onto some kind of view, even if it is of your garden, then take advantage of it. Avoid cluttering up the window obstructing your view and allow it to become a vista that you can be proud of and enjoy. Being able to look out of the window and take pleasure from what you see is a wonderful thing. 

By rights, you should find that your mind is racing as to what you could use in each room, but don’t put yourself under pressure to include nature all over the home. Instead, it may be appropriate to have just slight glimpses rather than it being a dominant feature, but this does vary according to so many other factors. 

A simple fire can transform a plain room into somewhere cozy and inviting. The smoky smell, the warmth, and the golden glow will draw you in and allow you to simply be. If you don’t have a hearth, you could invest in a simple log-burning stove.

Cool Tips to Help with Nature and Hygge 

Finally, let’s look at some rather cool tips on how you can combine nature and hygge in and around your home. Remember, you can often do all of this on a budget, so drop the idea that it has to cost you a fortune. That is not the case at all. 

1. Consider growing plants in the kitchen. 

It makes sense to look at growing some herbs indoors in the kitchen. Not only is it useful, but the act of growing the herbs and then using them in your cooking is hygge encapsulated. Have a corner or a spot next to a window with a lot of natural light and effectively turn it into a small, indoor garden. 

2. Potted plants in other rooms can help. 

Potted plants can be used in more places than you expect. However, one tip is to have something fresh and alive in the hallway, if possible, as it gives a pleasant feeling when you walk into the home. As we said, the bathroom can often be spruced up by some kind of plant in the corner, but it shouldn’t be the dominant feature. 

3. Splashes of nature make a bigger impact. 

You want any object or feature to stand out from everything else. Due to this, you need to think about using just splashes of nature rather than it being something that dominates the room. This can be sensory overload, and who wants that?

4. Never allow anything to die. 

Something that is broken or damaged in some way is not following hygge. So, if flowers or plants are past their best, replace them immediately. Something alive and pleasant to look at lifts the spirits at different times, so it makes sense that the opposite would also apply at most times. 

Do yourself a favor and look at helping to bring the outside into your home. It is known that being in touch with nature has a calming effect on the mind and soul, so it’s perhaps no surprise that it is seen as being a useful tool when it comes to hygge. Also, look at some images of Danish homes and see how they incorporate it into their particular style as inspiration. However, just add your very own touch rather than doing a carbon copy.

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