Hygge Home: Organizing Each Room

Hygge Home: Organizing Each Room

As you may have guessed by now, organization is key. The difficulty is that we often have no idea where to even begin, so we then don’t bother at all. This is hardly the correct way to go about it and practitioners of hygge would be horrified at that very idea. 

But why do we take that approach? Why is being organized often so difficult or alien to us? 

It is just a sign of the general chaos of our lives. We are so used to being surrounded by stress and anxiety that we will often bring it home with us, and that’s not exactly helpful. However, there is a way to counteract this, and it involves understanding how to organize your home and do so in a productive way. 

The good news is that hygge sets out to directly tackle this issue. For the Danes, a disorganized room is a major faux pas, and you would be hard-pressed to find a home in Denmark that is like that. 

Look at it from this perspective. The idea of a home being organized with everything having its place is not just a Danish thing, but a Scandinavian approach in general. Why do you think that Ikea is all about clever storage ideas and straight lines? They are adopting those very same principles where the idea of clutter and things being strewn all over a room is just not allowed to happen. 

So, as you would expect, there are several advantages associated with organizing a room and it’s worthwhile checking them out to allow this point to hit home. 

The Advantages of Organization 

If we can look more closely at what’s going on when we organize, we can then begin to understand the various advantages. 

First, it de-stresses you when you know where everything is. By knowing that every item has its place, you can find an object easily rather than rummaging around desperately trying to remember where you last put it. This alone fits in perfectly with the concept of hygge as the Danes are all about clever storage and placement of items, so they know where everything is in an instant. 

Next, it lets you know what you have. If things aren’t organized, then it stands to reason that you could be confused as to what you have and what you don’t have. This ties in with the previous post regarding de-cluttering your home

A third reason is that it saves you time. By being able to go to anything you want immediately, it stops you from rummaging around and the frustration that always comes with that action. You stay calmer and more at ease with yourself when you know where those car keys are going to be, or your phone, or anything else that springs to mind. 

So, how do you do it? How do you go about organizing things following the concept of hygge? Well, if we are honest, there’s nothing special about it, and the vast majority is just going to be common sense on your part. 

We no longer build fireplaces for physical warmth... we build them to dream by, to hope by, to home by.

An Example of Organization

To stress the approach that you need to take, we can look at a room in your home as an example. In this instance, we will think about the kitchen as this does tend to be the heart of the home for most families. Also, the kitchen can tend to be rather cluttered with things crammed into cupboards haphazardly. 

So, this is what you would do if you were adopting the principles of hygge. Now, to make life a bit easier, we are going to assume that you have already done the de-cluttering step and thrown out various items so you are left with those pieces that you want to keep. So, at this point, you then know exactly what you have to organize. 

Step 1: Understanding Space 

The first thing is to understand how much space you have available for storing things. How on earth are you going to be able to sort things out if you have no concept of where items can go or how to deal with it? 

Now, this isn’t about measuring space or being aware of the size of your cupboards, but you need to gain an understanding of the layout, where space is, and also the flow of the kitchen before you move forward. 

Step 2: The Flow 

The flow is important. The best organization is where items are kept logically so you can get to them and are not crossing a room or reaching up for one thing and then down low for another. Doing this is stressful and, as you know, stress is something that is frowned upon in hygge. 

This is why it’s so important that you de-clutter first and immediately before trying to organize things. It lets you know the items you have and from that, you can begin to work out the order with the flow in mind.

Step 3: Grouping Things Together 

One thing that the Danes are very good at is making sure that items that are supposed to go together are kept together. This just makes so much sense, and you may even be sitting there wondering why on earth it has been mentioned. Surely everyone does this? 

Well, you would be surprised to discover that this isn’t the case. Most of us are guilty of starting with things being organized, only for that organization to slide due to us being lazy, not having the time, and a multitude of other reasons. 

Let’s think of another, simpler example. 

In your living room, you probably have some different electrical items that come with remote control of some kind. Now, how do you organize them? How often do you find yourself searching for one of the controls, only to discover that it is in some strange part of the room? 

For those that are focused on adopting hygge into their home, they will look at something as simple as the remote control issue and seek to resolve the problem before it can even occur. 

With this, they would look at having a remote control holder, one that’s large enough to hold every control in the room. The holder would be in a prominent and easily accessible spot and after it had been used, the control would be placed back there, ready for the next time. 

You have to admit that this sounds so much easier than controls being scattered to all four corners of the room. You know where each one is and you know where to look when you want to use it. How much easier can it get? In this instance, you need to look at each room and ascertain which items deserve to go together, whether it be for storage or with how they are going to be used. By doing this, you will then find order in your home, and this will bring those stress levels down. 

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