Hygge Living: Adding Some Comfort into Your Life

Hygge Living: Adding Some Comfort into Your Life

At this point, we are going to spend some time talking not about a specific aspect of your life, but a more general theme. That theme is comfort because including it in your daily life is going to heal your mind and soul, which are both so very important when dealing with hygge. 

Immediately, your mind will conjure up various images of what is comfortable to you, and that is good as it gives you something to work on. However, you need to also take into account how easy it is to incorporate those ideas into your life. Do remember that one of the main principles of hygge is how anybody should be able to do it and feel a positive change in their life. They should be capable of feeling that this sense of comfort is something that you can learn once you explore your senses and sensual side. 

Of course, you will perhaps still be sitting there wondering how you can bring comfort in your life, and you may even have no idea about where to begin. If so, then let’s break it down into nice and easy points. 

Coming to Terms with Stressors 

This is a point that has been brought up in one of the posts earlier, but it makes so much sense for you to understand your stressors to then counteract them and include more comfort in your life. This applies no matter how big or small the stressor may be, although you need to be aware of how you should never expect to eliminate all stress because that is impossible. 

As hygge is primarily focused on de-stressing your life, it helps you to know the areas in which you have to work on, compared to those that are perhaps best left alone. After all, the benefits that you will receive as a result of overcoming those stressors are going to be huge. 

But here is something important: throughout our articles, we have largely focused on different aspects of life from the home, to friends, and even the workplace. Not one single area is more important than the other. They all blend seamlessly to provide a more satisfactory life. However, accepting that we do indeed have stressors allows us to then move on and make progress. 

But, of course, one has to understand the areas and what to do to solve those issues, which is what we will look at now.

Music expresses that which cannot be put into words.

Starting with Your Self

Trying to make things more comfortable around you is pointless if you are not that comfortable with yourself. A lack of understanding of what makes you happy and the content will only prove to make this entire idea of hygge so much harder than before. 

There must be a sense of contentment within you. There must be a sense of you being aware of what makes you happy or sad, and then incorporating the correct things into your life. 

By all accounts, you should be happy with your home, friendships, relationships, and working life even though, at times, such happiness might seem like an impossible dream. Of course, there will be times where it is difficult and troublesome, but then the Danes will view these problems from a less stressed point of view, which is more beneficial for you to then deal with the problem at hand. 

Think about what brings you joy and pleasure, and then actively go after those things as the boost that they will give you will be substantial. If you are comfortable within your skin, then anything external suddenly becomes so much easier to cope with, and you will be less stressed in the process. 

This will involve you looking closely at yourself and having the ability to accept that changes may have to be made. You need to be relatively self-critical as that is the only way to then force you into seeking the changes that need to be made to improve your situation. 

Remember, hygge is all about getting that sense of comfort within yourself. It is about that sense of self-satisfaction that is often missing in our lives. One has to take the time to figure out what provides us with that satisfaction, and to then seek out ways in which we can attain that. Yes, it sounds impossible at times, but then hygge is also about taking your time and making sure that you do things right. 

If it takes you days or weeks of sitting and thinking about what satisfies you, or what changes you need to make, then that is fine. After all, putting additional pressure and stress on your shoulders will directly contradict the whole idea of hygge.

Comfort and the Home 

When adding that sense of comfort to your home, there is a very real need for you to have carried out the first step, which is dealing with yourself, before you turn your attention in this direction. 

It is all too easy for one to feel swamped and overwhelmed with what they feel they need to do when it comes to the home and producing that cozy and comfortable feeling. However, the process is straightforward; just as long as you have set aside the time to deal with every room. 

It would take too long for us to go through every room offering examples of how to add a sense of comfort to them, but several general concepts will be enough to give you an idea of how to proceed. 

What on earth could be more luxurious than a sofa, a book and a cup of coffee?

Idea 1: Space and Flow 

We mentioned the idea of space and flow in the post on the home, but there’s no doubt that it does bring a sense of comfort and ease to the room, which is why we are mentioning it once again. Simply the fact that you can use everything that you have and there is no difficulty in doing so adds its sense of comfort. Cast your mind back to how annoying it can be when you have to move items to get to what you want. It then becomes easier to see how removing a particular obstacle will make things far more comfortable. 

Idea 2: Start at the Entrance 

In hygge, you want to feel at home and relaxed from the moment you walk in your front door. Some take it further and include even just walking up to the front door, but that is something that is up to you. 

However, think of this example: you have had a bad day and are stressed. You are back home and walking to your front door. All you want to do is get in, throw off your shoes, and close the world off from you to allow yourself a break. However, several obstacles are in the way, such as a messy entryway, no clear space to set down keys or handbag, or dull lighting that might cause you to trip on the step. 

This all sounds commonplace, and unfortunately, it is, but not for those individuals who have included hygge into their life. Instead, they have made their home feel far more comfortable as soon as they open that door. A warm rug, soft lighting, a place to put your shoes, and to hang up your coat. If it gets cold, then a heater of some kind would be easily switched on so you are welcomed by warmth. 

Besides, there may be a special scent that relaxes you so you smell it as soon as you arrive. Comfortable footwear or warm socks are ready to be put on. 

All of this adds to you feeling far more comfortable than you were up until that point. It sets a good standard for the rest of your home, although you still need to follow through with incorporating hygge into each area. 

Reconnect with your body and try out some yoga. Find a quiet space and a few minutes in your day and relish the feeling of gently stretching your body and your muscles. Even just ten minutes of yoga a day can help to clear your mind and bring you a sense of peace.

Idea 3: Bringing Soft Lights into the Equation 

We mentioned light earlier, but it bears repeating because of the great impact that soft lighting can have on the atmosphere and feeling in the home. 

Danes buy the most candles of anyone in the world, and this is directly attributed to hygge. They understand how that small, flickering light can add so much feeling to an entire room by having it lighting up a small corner at a time. 

At the same time, there is something magical about dimmer lights rather than going for the full spotlight effect that some individuals have in their homes. 

Idea 4: Adding that Extra Sense of Warmth 

This can be done no matter where you live, so if you think warmth it is only for those individuals who experience cold, dark winters, then think again. 

Bringing warmth to your home can take on many different forms. For warmth, we are not only talking about throws and blankets or those comfortable socks to keep your toes from freezing up. Instead, it can also be about the colors on the walls. The rugs on the wooden floors. The fireplace that may, or may not, purely be for show, but which can still add a certain atmosphere to a room. 

It is about a fluffy duvet and huge pillows on your bed. It is about those thick towels that you wrap yourself in after a shower. Snug and soft dressing gown. There are so many ideas that give that sense of warmth, and hygge wants you to embrace as many of them as possible. 

Yoga is a way to freedom. By its constant practice, we can free ourselves from fear, anguish and loneliness.

Comfort and Your Friends 

We have also mentioned friends and how they fit into the concept of hygge, but you will be wondering how we can tie in this comfort point of view as well. It takes some abstract thinking to work through it, but it’s easier than you think. 

When we talk about comfort and friends, what we mean is that you feel at ease in their company. You feel that you can be yourself and don’t need to put up some facade to placate them and their problems. Of course, you need to be sympathetic to people and display empathy, but there still has to be a real sense of you being at ease when with them. 

That is why hygge will teach you to think carefully about the friends that you have. Be aware of your shared interests or common goals. Why are you friends with them in the first place? 

Be aware of how your personalities either get on or clash, because if they do clash or there is some strain in the relationship, then it’s best to think about moving away from them as friends. 

Instead, to keep in line with this comfort principle, our advice is to focus on the reason for the friendship and determine how you feel around them. If there is any tension, either by what they do or how they act that makes you uncomfortable, then that is not exactly hygge. 

You are best to include individuals that bring warmth and a relaxed atmosphere to your life. Those are the people who fit in best with hygge and the individual friendships that you should try to continue to nurture as much as possible. 

Comfort and Experiences 

Moving on to the experiences section, we see that there are similarities with what we have said regarding friends and friendships. The main aim is to look at those experiences that will nurture you and can be cherished in the future. A sense of joy and happiness that stays with you for some length of time is the part that you must aim for. 

With hygge, there is also a sense of you pushing your comfort levels, as that is the only way in which you can entice yourself into trying out new things. Yes, there is something to be said about staying within your boundaries as they are seen as being safe, but there is more to life than that, and hygge tells you to experience life rather than missing out on it. 

For the sake of experiences, it is best if you understand your limitations and don’t necessarily go past them. Search for enjoyment within those boundaries, but test them regularly. The sense of achievement and pleasure that you get from this cannot be underestimated. It fits in perfectly with the hygge concept of enjoying life and getting the most out of it that you can, without stressing yourself out, of course.

Comfort and the Workplace 

This may very well be the hardest one, but it is possible to provide yourself with a greater sense of comfort within your place of work. If you are unhappy at what you do, then followers of hygge would argue that you should change your career. Changing jobs might be the only way to get away from some potentially bad and stressful situations, so it should never be ruled out as a possibility. 

However, aside from changing where you work, there are other things you can do that will indeed bring a sense of comfort into your place of work. 

First, if you work at a desk, you need to think about having things arranged perfectly. That means you don’t have to search for items and stress yourself out, and also think about how you are sitting and whether or not that can be improved. For example, some Danes will add cushions or seek a chair that is ergonomically designed for added comfort. This type of design means that it fits their back perfectly, so there is no slouching or anything else that can place added strain on their posture. 

Also, you may want to look at the height of your workstation and determine how it fits in with your perfect working height. Remember, if you are sitting there for a considerable length of time, then you want to make sure that even your desk is working well for you. 

Think about bringing in something fun and relaxing. Perhaps a plant, a photo or reminder of the family, or anything else that will bring a sense of comfort to your workspace. 

As you can see, there are a whole host of ways in which you can bring a sense of comfort into your life no matter the area that you are talking about. It is simply a case of spending the time figuring out what gives you comfort and then putting a plan into action. 

Remember, comfort is a very personal thing. Be aware of your preferences and work toward them regularly. Incorporating hygge into your life is a continual thing, so make the most of it whenever possible. 

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