Hygge Living: The Idea of Experiences

Hygge Living: The Idea of Experiences

Life is an experience. This is very much an accepted concept in Denmark where they attempt to make the most of things even in those cold and dark winter months where many others would effectively hibernate until winter has passed. 

For the Danes, this is not an option. It is simply a case of being better prepared and dealing with it, for that is part of the experience that they wish to have. 

When we talk about experiences, we mean something that happens to us. This is in contrast to something that just happens. Watching TV is not an experience. The TV is on, we watch it, and hopefully, we gain enjoyment from it, but nothing happens. 

Instead, think of experiences where you are active. This can be either physically, mentally or both. Experiences can be with other people or on our own. They should be enjoyable, but that does not mean they have to be easy. 

If you’re not sure where, to begin with, and experience, narrow your daily life into during the week and the weekends. 

After work, what happens? You come home, make dinner, and then have a few hours before going to sleep. Is this time full of experiences or just a place holder until bedtime? Experiences don’t have to be big or all-consuming. They can be as simple as an evening stroll or reading a book. 

Often, this evening time is spent watching TV. There’s nothing wrong with TV, but it’s a good idea to minimize the amount you watch. If you find that the TV automatically goes on after dinner, try moving the TV to a different room. If you have to physically go into another room to watch it, then it becomes more of a conscious choice that is made. 

As for the weekends, start by organizing your time into three compartments: errands and important tasks, social time, and relaxing time. Try to incorporate all three into each weekend to provide balance in your life. Some weekends may be heavier in a specific category, and that’s ok. 

Vacations are exciting experiences and they are often viewed as a once a year event. And while this can be a great opportunity to see the world, you can also schedule smaller vacations throughout the year. Try to take a half-day on Friday and explore a neighboring city for the weekend. It is amazing what you can discover that is close to home. 

It will perhaps be no surprise to discover that the experience itself should be fulfilling in some way. It should nurture the soul or the mind. It should bring a sense of happiness to you that had previously been lacking. It should provide you with fond memories that you can then recall and recant the tale to others some years further down the line. 

It is about enjoying life no matter what your limitations may be. Find joy in the simplest of things rather than placing too much expectation on an event or location. Doing so will only increase the potential chances of you failing to enjoy the experience, and yet it can be so easy to avoid this happening. 

When trying to abide by the relatively lax laws of hygge, it can sometimes be difficult to work out how to include hygge into the idea of experiences. In this post, we will explain it more fully, and perhaps even give you some ideas of how you can then proceed in your own life.

Be happy with what you have and are, be generous with both, and you won’t have to hunt for happiness.

Getting to Grips with the Correct Experiences

If we plan on sticking close to the concept of hygge, then we have to approach this idea of experiences in a certain direction. In short, an experience must provide us with something positive or nurturing. It cannot afford to put pressure on us, make us anxious in a negative way, or send our stress levels soaring. 

An experience doing these things would be directly working against hygge as a concept. 

The next step has to, therefore, involve you being aware of how to identify the correct experiences for your self. There is the only person that will be able to do that, and it is you. Nobody else can help, although some guidance can be offered. 

Finding Something That Satisfies Your Soul 

With experiences and hygge, there has to be some connection between what it is that you are doing or experiencing and how it benefits your soul. That is why there is a real need for you to understand what you enjoy and what would be a positive experience for you. 

There is no point in us sitting there producing a list. After all, we are all different in what we like and enjoy. What pleases your soul will not necessarily work, even for somebody else in your family. 

One of the best ways to approach this concept of finding something for the sake of your soul is to look at getting a quiet spot in your home and clearing your mind of all of the external thoughts that are putting pressure on you. This is a time for reflection and working out what your goals are, or the things that would, in effect, appear on your bucket list. Ask yourself a whole host of questions connected to what you like, desire, or any other positive emotion. You then need to determine the kind of experience that goes with those emotions. 

The ordinary acts we practise every day at home are of more importance to the soul than their simplicity might suggest.

Organization is Key 

You may have already concluded that a lot of hygge involves being organized. This approach also applies when you are looking at experiences. Yes, it may be argued by some that off the cuff experiences are wonderful things to have, but you cannot always rely on them. 

If we take ourselves back to Denmark and look at how the Danes often approach activities, then what we see is that there is a tendency to think things through so that the experience goes as smoothly as possible. There is no point in having experience if all it does is increase your stress levels. 

Plan ahead, as much as possible, and look at all of how things could potentially go wrong. You want to counteract this as best you can, and as quickly as possible, so that things go smoothly. Remember, if things work well, then you will enjoy the experience even more, and this applies no matter the size or the scale of the experience that you are talking about. 

Size Doesn’t Matter 

Before we finish this post, we want to get one thing straight. When we are talking about the concept of experiences, we are not always talking about a massive event that is going to completely change your life. 

Experience does not need to be of any large size. For the Danes, something as simple as having a nice cup of coffee in a cozy coffee shop that is warm, snug, and comfortable is an experience to behold. If you then add into the equation a nice view and friendly atmosphere, then you have something that warms both the heart and the soul. 

Alternatively, you might just enjoy taking your dog for a walk in the cold fresh air and spending the time absorbing the nature that is all around you. This will allow your mind to drift into the areas that it wants you to be. Small experiences can be just as important as big ones. 

We are not talking about skydiving or swimming with sharks, although there is nothing to stop you from doing either of those things if that is what you would prefer. However, experiences that incorporate hygge into them tend to be more nurturing and wholesome. It is no surprise that we included a post on friends, thanks to the role that they play in the entire concept of experiences. 

However, never feel obliged to include friends or family in your experiences. Experiences really should be very personal to you, and you alone. If you wish to include them, then that’s your decision. At the same time, the rules of hygge would argue that it is then up to the individuals to respect your decision for what it is, and not through any particular affiliation. 

Also, there is a feeling amongst those practitioners of hygge, that experience does not have to be linked to one single part. Instead, they prefer to go ahead and look at every aspect. This may include getting to the experience, who is there, what happens after the experience, and so much more. Overall, there is the belief that you need to allow yourself to be absorbed into the moment, which takes us back to the whole idea of mindfulness and how it is linked to hygge.

The Steps to Take in This Instance 

Having the correct experiences, and doing so within the confines of hygge, will be straightforward enough for most people. However, certain steps should, by all accounts, be followed. 

First, accept that you don’t have to satisfy all of your interests or wishes for experiences at one time. This is all about enjoying it, and making the most of it and then moving on to the next experience. 

Next, understand that the experience must be born from your wishes. Having an experience just to satisfy others does not necessarily work. 

Always plan and organize things to the best of your ability. This should make sure that the experience is better than it otherwise would be, and remember that this is also the approach that hygge encourages you to take with anything and everything that you do. 

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