Hygge: Meditation

Hygge: Meditation

There is no better way to incorporate mindfulness into your life than through meditation. Meditation has helped thousands of people refocus their minds. This can be helpful with slowing down, focusing on the positive, and being conscious about our choices, words, and actions. Meditating is about focusing your mind on either nothing or something like your breath. In the practice, when another thought creeps in, you observe it and let it go without judgment. Overall, the practice helps you to stay present and focus on moments in your daily life, which will help you to experience the joy of hygge since you won’t be weighed down by outside thoughts, distractions or worries. 

While meditation will certainly help you prime your mind for enjoying the benefits of hygge, it can be a difficult concept for many people, for many different reasons. When we think of meditation, some of us are quick to think of the practice as extreme. For some of us, images of monks in orange robes in a faraway country, or quirky celebrities on T.V come to mind. For others, maybe you tried it a few times and fell asleep, or you found it impossible to sit still so long. Still others and this may be a harder one to admit, may balk at the idea of being alone with our thoughts for so long. If this sounds like you, a few ways you can try to introduce meditation into your routine are to start with 3 or 5 minutes at a time or walking meditation. Meditation isn’t essential to hygge or more part of Danish culture than any other, however, it’s a great idea for people who have a difficult time being present, which is an important part of really experiencing hygge. 

Hygge your space 

Whether you’re living in your home town, building a life somewhere new, or live a nomadic existence, you can hygge your space. 

Hygge isn’t all about the aesthetic, however, setting up your space to make it a bit cozier will help you achieve that hygge vibe. Whether you are lighting a candle at your desk while you do your homework or setting your living room up with fall feels, making your space hyggeligt will help you feel it. To help you understand the concept, you can think of it a bit like nesting. Nesting is a common term associated with pregnant women getting their homes ready for their new baby, but it’s often used as a blanket term for getting your home clean, organized, and feeling more “home-y”. Making your space more hygge friendly is similar to nesting, with an added emphasis on coziness and joy. As long as you arrange your space in a way that you find relaxing, you can build a comforting hygge oasis. 

Whether you’re an early bird or a night owl, there’s always a chance to catch a breathtaking moment at the turn of the day.

Your town

You can’t redecorate your town, so finding ways to practice hygge in your town is more about changing your perspective if you don’t already see hygge potential there. It’s easy to scroll through online photos tagged #hygge and convince yourself you need to be in a picturesque place to achieve that perfect hygge lifestyle, but the good news is, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Since hygge was born from people making the best of a dreary, cold, and dark time of year, hygge is available to you whether you live in a small city apartment or on a sprawling ranch in the prairies.

Practice being grateful 

Gratitude is a big part of integrating hygge into your life. While we touched on it in the previous post, it still merits its own space. Being grateful for the small things in life, the relationships we have and the things people do for us helps us to get into a headspace where we can welcome the little beautiful things into our lives. 

It’s easy to promise yourself you’ll be more grateful, but can be difficult to consciously practice. To start integrating gratitude into your life, try beginning each morning by writing down (or even thinking about) 5 things that you’re grateful for. It could be a family member, hot coffee, warm summer days, your employment, anything. Try to change it up day by day, and challenge yourself to think of different things. If you write them down, look after a week or a month and see how many things you were able to think of. 

This can also be a helpful tool for when you’re feeling down or having a bad day. When you feel yourself get overwhelmed or stressed and need to take a few minutes, try reminding yourself about something your grateful for to help you gain perspective. If you practice this on more occasions, it will become easier to appreciate the simple pleasures of hygge, and the time you’ll spend with loved ones while you practice hygge. 

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