Hygge: Space in and Around the Home

Hygge - Space in and Around the Home

Space in and around the home is yet another central point in hygge. However, modern-day living has made this seem almost like the impossible dream. In the Western world, we often live in smallish homes or apartments, and yet we try to own so many objects that our homes can sometimes resemble a storage unit rather than anything else. 

Do yourself a huge favor and take a moment to walk into each room in your home and view it from the doorway. While you do this, look at how many items you have for the room. Do you feel as if the objects are lost in the vastness of the space? If you do, then you are fine, but there’s a pretty good chance that this will not be the case for most people. 

With this, we cannot forget about the space outside our homes either as we, once again, seem to have this amazing ability to accumulate ‘things,’ even if it’s just for a patio area or a garden. How often do people end up thinking that their garden is disorganized and that they are unable to enjoy it in the way they should? Once more, we see that this emotion is going against hygge, so we need to consider taking the concepts outdoors to the space that immediately surrounds our home. 

Space is Relaxing 

If you look at the typical Danish home, you will notice a lot of space in the various rooms. This often brings with it a sense of calm as no objects appear to be on top of one another, which is always difficult to deal with. 

The Danes are content with what the room is laid out for, and they make sure that nothing gets in the way of that function. You should refer back to the idea of ease of access which we discussed in an earlier chapter, as it should all make sense when you think about the use of space. 

You see, hygge is about being able to breathe and breathing becomes harder in a confined space. If you are in a room and there’s no space, with objects dominating the walls and every surface, then it’s not hygge. 

You must create a sense of ease in the room. Ease to move around. An easy to use the room in the way you intended it. Ease to come and go as you please. Your home should never be stressful to you in any way, and hygge allows you to work through each room and create the kind of space you want.

Now and then it's good to pause in our pursuit of happiness and just be happy.

Space is Different for Everyone 

Here is something that you cannot forget: space is different for everyone. We all have different ideas of what constitutes space for us, as some individuals feel comfortable with a more closed in feeling than others. 

That’s why we aren’t setting you tasks of what you need to do for the sake of using hygge in your home, as it all rests on your shoulders. 

However, we do feel that you should consider several points to help you along. 

  • Are you sure you understand the function of the space? 
  • Have you mastered the art of ease of access for those functions? 
  • Have you worked through the different objects and identified what should be kept? 
  • How does the atmosphere in the room feel compared to earlier? 

The Danes love the idea of freshness in their lives. However, they also enjoy the cozy feeling, and hygge is a balance of both. Space plays a big role in this, and the Danes thoroughly enjoy the freedom that it gives in their home. Identify the space, work with the function you have in mind, and you will see that there is a new lease on life for each room in your home.

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