Hyggeligt: Useful Tips for Each Room in the Home

Hyggeligt: Useful Tips for Each Room in the Home

Understandably, we have covered a lot throughout the posts up until this point, but it may still be the case that you are sitting there wondering where you even begin with each room in your home. 

It’s impossible to offer a completely fool-proof guide for what you should do in each room because we simply have no idea how many rooms you have, what the light situation is like, what limitations you have, and so on. 

Keeping that in mind, there are still some tips that you may find useful when they are applied to each room. If you do not have something that is described, then you may be tempted to skip on by, but that would be a shame. After all, there may be tips in those sections that appeal to you and could be used elsewhere in your home. 

The Entrance Hallway 

Often, we clutter the entrance hallway with shoes and coats hanging on the wall, but we aren’t telling you to put everything away so that the hallway is empty of them. 

Instead, choose just one main coat for the season and have that hanging. Cut back on the number of shoes that are sitting there and have a nice shoe rack so they are organized and in their place. Another great touch, which is Danish, is to have a basket with gloves for you going out or warm and thick socks for when you come home. It’s a little, comforting item that can have such a positive effect on your mind and soul. 

Make sure the lighting in the hallway is warm and welcoming, as well. It makes your home look more inviting. 

The Living Room 

The living room will tend to be one of the most widely used rooms in the home, so you must understand how to dress it correctly when trying to incorporate hygge into your life

Begin by throwing out those powerful lights and swap them for a lower wattage bulb. Add some warmth with throws, thick rugs, comfortable cushions, and various candle holders dotted around the room. Identify dark areas and use small lights or even fairy lights to add some warmth to them. 

Make sure each item in the lounge has some kind of purpose. Have chairs as comfortable as possible. Allow light to enter the room via the window. Allow air to circulate to create freshness in the room. Consider using white furniture or throw blankets to allow the light to bounce off the surfaces and make everything seem even brighter than before. 

You should feel your hand being pushed out by your stomach, and your chest should stay stationary. Hold for a moment before breathing out slowly through pursed lips until you can’t exhale any more. You should begin to feel relaxed after two or three cycles of this exercise, but continue for as long as you need to.

The Kitchen

With hygge, there is no doubt that the kitchen is indeed the heart of the home. If you have a dining space included here, then you are onto a real winner. 

Once again, you need to allow as much light into the room as possible. Also, keep fresh fruit and vegetables on view since this is effectively bringing some form of life to the kitchen. Include wooden chopping boards and wooden worktops with light cupboards. Have some cupboards with glass fronts allowing you to add lights to the inside since this adds a different atmosphere to the room. Use small lights underneath cupboards to light the worktop rather than have the room dominated by one single large ceiling light. 

If you do have a dining table here, then make sure it is always ready to welcome any guests that may pop in for a chat. It needs to be accessible, take minutes to set, and it should not be crammed into a corner. There should be a sense of freedom surrounding it so that individuals would want to sit there for what would feel like hours chatting, eating, and generally having fun together. 

The Bathroom 

The bathroom is a functional space, but that doesn’t mean you need to forget the décor and taking advantage of hygge. It’s certainly a case of you being able to adapt the room for whatever kind of atmosphere you are seeking at the time. After all, a bathroom should be capable of becoming a space where you can pamper yourself, so there’s a need for your décor to allow you to switch lights. 

With this, we aren’t just talking about candlelight, either. Try lights surrounding the main bathroom mirror that will illuminate the room without taking over. Consider plants in the room, if possible, and to have fresh towels. Make sure that there is a towel heating radiator so that you can enjoy that feeling of the warm towel after a shower. 

If you are a lover of various pampering products, then always check you have adequate storage and can access everything easily. The one thing that you simply cannot do is to have all of those bottles scattered around haphazardly. It’s messy, it’s chaotic, and it’s certainly not hygge.

The Bedroom 

This applies no matter if we are talking about the master bedroom or a guest bedroom, as the same principles apply at all times. 

A bedroom is a place for rest and reflection, and that is something that hygge and the Danes are experts at doing in their own homes. Too often, people will have television sets, their smartphones, laptops, and various other electrical gadgets that effectively take you away from the main idea behind the room even existing in the first place. 

It’s no surprise to find out that we are talking about the need for mood lighting here, but also perhaps a chair in the corner of the room by the window where you can read or sit back and listen to music to relax

You see, even though we are talking about removing electronic gadgets from the room, we aren’t talking about the bedroom becoming solely a place for sleep—far from it. You should be able to turn it into a kind of haven. Once again, natural light should flood in as much as possible and bedding should be of the best quality that you can afford. 

Your bedroom should feel luxurious and comfortable at all times. You should be able to feel snug and cozy whenever you go in there. Most importantly, it should be a place to rest and effectively close the door to all of the stresses in the world. Oh, and using mirrors to bounce the natural light around the room is also a very good idea. 

The reason for this post has been to try and provide you with a sense of the few things that you can do to change a room when it comes to the décor. Of course, we do recommend that you also incorporate the other points that have been raised in the earlier post, as it’s best when this works as a whole. 

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