Hygge and Your Work

Hygge and Your Work

Many different aspects come with Hygge. You can add this into your social experiences, you can add these touches into your home, and you can find them all over during the holidays. Your relationships and your personal life are going to flourish so much with the help of Hygge and your traditions and holidays are going to have so much more meaning when you can add some Hygge into them. 

While the relationships, the gatherings, and your home life are all really important to Hygge, there is another important place. You often spend a lot of your time at work, and without implementing Hygge into your workplace, you are going to feel that keeping those feelings of Hygge in the other aspects of your life will feel impossible. Most people spend 40 or more hours at their job each week, and if you aren’t content and happy there, it is really hard to feel satisfied in the other aspects of your life as well. The good news is that Hygge can be implemented into the workplace, you just need to take some extra effort to make this happen. 

Turning your office into a place of Hygge 

One of the first things that you can do when it is time to add in a bit of Hygge to your workspace is to learn how to make it your own. It is not a good idea to just leave all the walls blank and have papers all over the place if you want to have some Hygge there. This space needs to be personal and comfortable so that you can feel happy, and you can get more work done than before. Of course, you aren’t going to be able to bring in all of the things from home to do this, but some little changes will be enough to add Hygge into the office. 

There are a few things that you can do to help make the office cozier, but make sure to check with the rules in your office to see if you can do some of these before getting started. Some may allow for a bit more freedom to decorate the office while others will just want you to have a few personal items. For example, some companies may allow you to hang some artwork on the walls, and others will ask you to restrict this to a few pictures on your desk. You can also consider leaving a few blankets on your chair and a new cushion to help you feel comfortable or to take a quick break when needed. 

Another idea is to hang up or bring picture frames with special pictures from home. You can have some pictures of your family, some special memories, some of the vacations, or other things that are important to you. These can be great for your mental well-being at work. When you are feeling worn out from the work, get some bad news, or feel like you are falling behind, you can take a look at these pictures and feel a little bit happier; they can be your source of positivity for the day, no matter how bad the day may be going. 

If you are looking to feel comfier while you are at work, there are a few options as well. You can bring a few blankets into work and keep them on your office chair for when you need some more warmth or just a bit of comfort after a hard day. You can leave a pair of slippers in the office so that when you are doing work, you can slip them on and feel good. 

Adding in just a few personal touches to your office is going to make a big difference. It can help you to feel at home even at the office, gives it a bit of comfort that can be nice on those really hard days, and when you feel that warmth and comfort, it is easier to get your work done and love what you do. 

I believe that a simple and unassuming manner of life is best for everyone, best for both the body and the mind.

Get to know people at work 

In the western world, it is common for many people to show up to work, get things done, and then go home without talking to anyone at the office. This is considered normal, and many times employees can work for a company for years and never really know anything about the people they work right next to. How are you supposed to feel warmth, coziness, and happiness at work if you are never social with others around you and can’t even say what their names are? 

It is a good thing to have some social interactions, and perhaps even some friendships when you are at work. You spend a lot of time at work, doesn’t it make sense that you should get to know the people you work with and form some kind of connection with them. If you spend a lot of your time hiding in the office and never talking to others, it may be time to take some breaks and meet others who work with you. 

Luckily, there are many ways that you can meet some of your coworkers and make some friendships at work. First, you need to learn how to do some small talk. You can often meet with coworkers at the breakroom, during meetings, or as you walk in or out the door for work. Small talk can open up the doors to communication with others in the office, and you can build up relationships once this is established. 

While you are communicating with your coworkers, you should take the time to talk with them and find out what some of their hobbies are or what they do in their free time. If you find out that a few of them get together and have a book club, see if you can join in. If a few of them go out for a few drinks at the end of the week, go along and enjoy some fun with them a few times. This makes it easier to meet more people who work with you and can help you to form meaningful connections while you are at work. 

Keep in mind that these relationships don’t just have to happen with people who are in your department. Some bigger departments have a lot of other parts you can visit, meaning that there are quite a few other people you can meet in other parts of the business. Make sure to extend the small talk and the meeting to other parts of the company to meet more people and expand your social circle at work. 

When you learn how to make a few new friends when you are at work, you will find that your time there is more enjoyable. If you go to work and don’t talk to anyone else or you don’t know anyone else, things can get boring and mundane. But when you have the chance to catch up with some old friends or you consider the people around you as good friends, work can become much more enjoyable for everyone. 

Live in each season as it passes: breathe the air, drink the drink, taste the fruit.

Don’t stay too long 

In the western world, it is common to make our jobs a part of our lives. We will spend a ton of time at work, bringing it home with us sometimes, rather than having a separation between work and our home lives. And when work starts to cut into some of our time, it is really hard to maintain that Hygge that we are looking for. The Hygge that we are building up at work and home rely on us being able to separate the two worlds as much as possible. 

Our homes are supposed to be a sanctuary. Our homes are places where we can go after a long hard day at work when we are tired and need a break. We can go there and hang out with our friends and family and just forget about all the hard work or the bad day that we have. But this sanctuary is ruined if we start to stay extra hours at work or if we bring our work home with us. 

The Danes believe that there should be a distinct difference between your personal and home life, and your life at work. You should not bring home a ton of work each night and let that get in the way of your time with friends and family. If your work is following you around all of the time, it is hard to stay interested in that work, and you miss out on some of the more important things in life, like your family and friends, as well as some of that rest that all of us need from work. 

Having this balance is good for both ends of our lives. When we leave work at work rather than bring it home, we are allowing ourselves to take a breather. We can do something that we enjoy, have a meal with our families, enjoy time with our kids, or spend the night with some friends. We can work on these relationships and watch some of our stress levels diminish in no time. Not only does this help us with our personal lives, but it can help with our professional lives as well. When we get a chance to take a breather from work, we can come back with a renewed sense of energy the next day, ready to take on everything and to start fresh on that project. We won’t’ get drained or worn out as quickly, which can do amazing things for our productivity and our job satisfaction. 

If you are truly looking to add some more Hygge to your life, you need to remember that work is not the most important thing and that it should never take up your whole life. You need to have these breaks, and the separation of professional and personal lives, to help you to stay focused and get the results that you want. When you can accomplish that, Hygge will come naturally, and you will love the big difference it can make in your quality of life. 

Spending time learning how to make your work life match up with your new lifestyle is important because you spend so much of your time at work. Learning how to add some personal touches to the office, meet some people, and make friends at the office, and knowing when to end the day and not bring work home with you are all critical to maintaining Hygge even when you are at work.

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