Using Hygge to Connect with the People Around You

Using Hygge to Connect with the People Around You

So, one of the most important aspects of Hygge is spending time with friends and family. It is impossible to experience true Hygge if you insist on spending time at home alone all of the time. Sure, there is nothing wrong with heading home and having a night to yourself when you had a long and hard day, but to experience Hygge, this alone time should not be the norm. With Hygge, it is important to realize that we are social people, and as such, we need to be around other people, especially those we know and care about, to feel happy and content. On most days, you should spend 2 or 3 hours each day with family and friends to get the full effects. 

For those who are introverts or shy, this does not mean you have to head out to a huge social gathering each day for 2 or 3 hours to get the benefits of Hygge. Having dinner with your parents, spending some time at a book club, reading stories with your children, going on a walk with a friend, or watching a movie with a few people can all be considered socialization with Hygge. While events and parties can be nice as well, they are not always necessary, and the simple time that you spend with people can be important too. 

The good news is that there are many ways to bring people together, and you can pick and choose how you want to get in your socializing time. You may attend a party at the weekend, but then spend the rest of the week having supper with your family, doing some story time at night, and maybe one meal with a friend. You get some choice here with socializing so that it works for you, but it is important that you still get this interaction in one way or another. Big gatherings and small gatherings can all count, and as long as you are enjoying good times, good stories, good food, and enjoying the hyggeligt events. 

Wherever you go, no matter what the weather, always bring your own sunshine.

Different ways to have a hyggeligt event 

There are many ways that you can turn one of your events into a hyggeligt event. You can add in a cozier atmosphere to help everyone to feel better. You can make sure that everyone who is coming to the party is comfortable with each other or can easily be included in the new group. You can make sure that you add some personal touches to the room to showcase your comfort. And of course, no hyggeligt event is complete without good food that fills you up. 

One of the first things that you should work on with your event is to change up some of the lights. You want to think dark and muted lights rather than the harsh and bright lights. When you walk into a room, which one is going to make you feel more comfortable and ready for a good time: the bright lights that show every corner or a soft fireplace with delicious smells around? Keep these thoughts in mind when determining how many and what types of lights you would like. Many hyggeligt events rely on candles and a fireplace to help with the lighting because these are very inviting and cozy, so bring those out and keep the rest of the lighting to a minimum. 

Next, make sure there is some good food available for everyone to eat. To experience Hygge, you need to feel full with some great food. This does not mean to stuff yourself, but there is nothing wrong with filling up your plate and enjoying some of the delicious food and drink that is available. How are you supposed to have a good time if your stomach is empty and hungry? Many hyggeligt events will have lots of food present, and the tastes and sounds all combine into this event. 

When preparing for your guests to arrive, you should make sure there are lots of big blankets and cushions around the room. These help to show more comfort inside the room, and if someone is cold and needs to warm up, they can easily grab the blanket that is close to them. Some people may choose to use a blanket even if they aren’t cold simply because this helps them to feel good. 

And finally, you should arrange the room in a way that everyone can be near each other and converse together. It is not good to have people break off into small groups during these events because that defeats the purpose of togetherness. But if the room is too spaced apart and people aren’t easily able to come together to talk, you will find that these groups naturally form. Make the room intimate and easy for conversation, and that part will work out itself.

How could such sweet and wholesome hours be reckoned but with herbs and flowers?

The conversation 

The type of conversations that occur during these hyggeligt gatherings is important as well. The first thing to remember is that you want to keep happiness and harmony between you and all of the other people who are at the gathering. This is not possible if you just think about your wants and needs. You must ensure that everyone there is having a good time at the gathering, which is not going to happen if the main topic of discussion is politics or the economy. No matter who you get into the group, you are going to have varying opinions on these topics, and someone is going to end up being upset at the end. This is why those topics need to be avoided during these events. 

Of course, you are allowed to have your own opinions about politics and the economy, but this kind of gathering is not considered the proper place to bring them up. In a hyggeligt gathering, you need to be kind to the others who are there and spend time having fun with others. The topics that are discussed should mostly stick with something that is light and fun and makes everyone feel good. 

This may limit some of your topics a bit, but those contentious ones will just ruin the mood and make it impossible to relax and have a good time. Someone will end up having their feelings hurt, and that will make it hard to keep the right mood in the place. Think of how you would feel if someone came to this event and started calling you names or saying your political views were wrong. This is why topics like these should be avoided as much as possible. 

The good news is there are still plenty of great topics that you will be able to talk about. You can talk about the weather, remember stories of fun times that you had in the past, ask about their jobs or their kids, talk about a movie you saw, or something else. Besides, many of these Hygge events are about doing things, going out there and making new memories, rather than just having conversations. So try to plan some events and mix it in with some good conversations, and you will be able to have plenty of topics to add to the conversation. 

I’d rather have roses on my table than diamonds on my neck.

The good of the group 

In our current modern society, we are all about how to make the individual, or ourselves, happy. We think that as individuals, we are the most important person in the world, and if we aren’t happy, then it is up to the world to try and fix this. But this is really against the ideas that are expressed in Hygge. When we try to get all of the focus on us and our needs and wants, we are taking away some of the moods that are needed in Hygge, and the gathering can be ruined. 

When we are working on adding Hygge into our lives, we must learn how to handle not being the center of attention. These hyggeligt gatherings are more about the good of the group, of making everyone happy, rather than just making ourselves happy. We should avoid talking about things that would hurt others’ feelings, we should never boast about our accomplishments in a manner that makes others feel inferior to us, and we should avoid some of the major topics of conflict such as politics, parenting, and economics. 

Yes, this means that at times, you will have to give up on some of your wants or needs. If the majority of the group wants to go out on a walk and you want to go to a movie, you would give in to the majority and go on a walk, without complaining or whining that things are not fair. If there is a topic that is going to divide up the group and cause some issues, you would choose to not bring it up because the division is not worth your curiosity. You have to think ahead and figure out what is going to happen before you say something. This is a great way to make sure that you can help keep the group together and get everyone to get along when they come together. 

Learning how to think about others ahead of ourselves can be difficult in the modern world, but if you want to make sure that an event is hyggeligt, that is what needs to happen. It is quite a bit different than what is seen in most of the western world, but over time, you will start to see some of the benefits that come with putting others first. This may be hard for those who are not used to it, but the benefits will soon show up, and you will strive to make everyone feel welcome and happy at your hyggeligt event! 

A simple bunch of daffodils or a freshly cut branch of foliage is the easiest way of adding a natural touch to your home. Whether you go for the heady scent of roses or the delicate perfume of wild flowers such blooms bring a breath of fresh air from outside in.

How to make the gathering more hyggeligt 

As you get into this ideology, you will find there can be a few different ways to make an event hyggeligt. First, you should spend some time on the food you prepare for the event. You don’t have to do this yourself, and on some of the bigger events, you would expect others to make some homemade foods to help as well. But the food that is tasty and fills up your guests is always good for these events. The smells of baked food in your home can bring out the feelings of Hygge, the thought that you took the time to make the food brings out Hygge, and feeling full and satisfied after eating the food can bring out Hygge. 

Your guests are going to feel special when they are eating your food. They realize that you took the time to make the food, rather than just grabbed something quick at the store. There is something to be said about knowing how your host took the time to make a good meal for you and that they value you that much, which can make the event more hyggeligt. 

Eating with your friends and family can be an important component of being hyggeligt. It says that not only are you able to have a good time and enjoy the company around you, but you are also filling your stomachs and feeling satisfied. When you add in some of this good and tasty food with good stories with friends, lots of laughter, and the gentle light from candles found in most hyggeligt homes, you have very few options besides feeling the warmth and coziness of Hygge. 

There are many different ways that you can take an event and make it hyggeligt. Asking some friends and family to come over and gather in your home or another location is a great way to start, and then, you can make sure that there are some candles out to change the lighting; bright lighting can ruin or help the mood in the home. Add in some good food and some great stories, and you are enjoying a hyggeligt event. 

Bring the outside in

Simple rules for a hyggeligt gathering 

If you are invited to this kind of event, you want to make sure that you behave in a manner that will help you and others feel relaxed and happy with the situation around you. There aren’t necessarily rules that need to be followed, but there are some tips that you can try out to get used to the right protocol for these events. Some of the best rules for this include the following: 

  • Come as you are: When at a hyggeligt event, you should try to be yourself. You shouldn’t walk into the gathering with your guard up. This can make you feel nervous, but you should come natural and ready for a good time because others are not there to attack you. If you are relaxed and yourself, everyone can have a good time. 
  • Never bring up controversy: A hyggeligt gathering is one that brings the group together, rather than dividing them up. If you bring up a controversial topic, you are going to end up dividing up the group to the different sides of the argument, which defeats the purpose. There are many times in your daily life when you can have arguments over these controversial topics, but a hyggeligt gathering is not one of them. Keep the topics to ones of enjoyment, ones of laughter, and ones without controversy to make things easier. 
  • Be part of the team: When you arrive at one of these events, you need to make sure that you are part of the team. It is never acceptable to show up and refuse to help out; each person should offer to help to get more things done quickly. It isn’t fair to have the host doing all of the work while everyone else sits around. Everyone does their part so that all at the gathering can enjoy their time. 
  • Avoid the darkness of the outside: The real world can have a lot of troubles and things to deal with all the time. You may have money concerns, arguments with friends and family, issues with work, and more. But when you come to a hyggeligt gathering, it is time to find a sanctuary from all of these outside issues. This is a place where you come to avoid judgment, to have a good time, and to feel safe. 
  • Remember the benefits of practicing Hygge: Sometimes, it seems difficult to bring Hygge into your life. You may think that it is better to hang onto the argument you have with a family member, to brag about the good things you have in your life, or that you want to talk about these controversial topics. But while you may have a momentary want to act selfishly, the benefits of Hygge far outweigh these other actions. It is challenging to follow Hygge in the beginning if you didn’t grow up with this as a part of your culture, but you will find that the payoff will be wonderful. You will get so many great experiences with friends and family, and the feelings of contentment and happiness will be much better than you can imagine. 

The idea of socializing and being with friends and family is a central idea that comes with Hygge. No matter what we may think, people are social animals and love being around others. We find ways to recharge around others and get great memories with people you love. If you add some of these components into your important events, you are going to see a huge difference in how enjoyable these events can be and how much Hygge can come into the event. 

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