What Does it Mean to Be a Vegan

What Does it Mean to Be a Vegan

Veganism is more of a lifestyle than a diet—especially according to those who have adopted veganism as part of their life. Going vegan can help you become healthier compared to those who consume a lot of animals and animal products. As a vegan, you wouldn’t consume meat (both white and red), fish, seafood, dairy products, eggs, or other animal products such as honey.

This also means that as a vegan, you wouldn’t be consuming cholesterol, animal fats, and animal proteins— all of which may cause damage to your health. Instead, you would survive on healthy, whole foods that contain vitamins, minerals, fiber, protein, good fats, and complex carbohydrates. People choose to go vegan for different reasons including:

● Environment

Veganism can potentially help save the environment—that is if a majority of the people in the world choose to go vegan. Choosing the vegan diet (and other plant-based diets) can have a positive effect on the environment, especially in terms of animal agriculture.

Consuming more plant-based foods can lower the need for resources that cause high amounts of greenhouse-gas emissions. Also, this diet isn’t as water-intensive as diets that require animal agriculture. This means that people who would like to contribute to saving the environment may have this as their main reason for going vegan.

● Ethics

When people adopt veganism because of ethical reasons, they do so because they have a strong belief in the rights of all living things to freedom and life. They make a conscious choice to eliminate animals and animal products from their diet as well as from their life. Also, ethical vegans don’t agree with the physical and psychological trauma that the animals in different industries endure.

Animals raised for meat or other purposes are forced to live their lives in deplorable and miserable conditions before they are cruelly slaughtered for the benefit of human beings. Aside from going vegan, they may also express their opposition by raising awareness, protesting, and trying to convince others to adopt the same lifestyle as them.

● Health

These days, health is a very common reason why people choose to go vegan. The vegan diet does offer a lot of significant health benefits, which we will be discussing in a bit. Apart from these health benefits, some people choose the vegan lifestyle because they want to avoid the adverse side effects linked to the hormones, antibiotics, and chemicals used in the animal food industry. But out of all the health reasons, the most common one that convinces people to go vegan is weight loss.

No matter what your reason is for going vegan, this choice will surely change your life. The vegan diet can help you become a healthier and more well-rounded person. This is what it means to be a vegan—and this is why more and more people have chosen to become part of this growing trend. 


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