What Influences Steel Pier Foundation Repair Cost?

What Influences Steel Pier Foundation Repair Cost?

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The cost to FCS Foundation to repair a pier and beam foundation can vary based on the number of piers needed, what type of support is required and other factors such as materials, labor, permits and the extent of the damage. It is important to understand what influences the steel pier foundation repair cost so that you can work with your contractor to find an affordable solution to your home’s foundation issues.

Most of the time, pier and beam foundations have problems because of shifts in the soil under the house. This leads to unlevel floors and cracks in walls. A structural engineer or soil specialist can assess your foundation to determine the best type of repair. If your foundation is a slab, it can be repaired through mudjacking but this method may not be as effective if the soil around your house has shifted significantly. If your house has a pier and beam foundation, contractors can stabilize the structure by adding additional support to existing piers. This process involves placing a concrete block, wood beam or helical pier in between each existing pier. This helps distribute the weight of your house across more piers to prevent the sagging or sinking that is commonly associated with this type of foundation.

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The most expensive factor in a pier and beam foundation repair is the labor cost. Since the workers are working within a small crawl space with limited entry points, landscaping obstructions and a tight area to work in, costs can quickly add up. It is also important to consider the materials used in a pier and beam foundation repair, such as the cost of steel rebar, poured concrete, topsoil and concrete blocks.

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