Why Kombucha Needs to Be Refrigerated

Why Kombucha Needs to Be Refrigerated

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kombucha refrigeration

Kombucha is not a kombucha refrigeration to be kept at room temperature and needs to be refrigerated to extend its shelf life, preserve the probiotics, and maintain its carbonation. However, the exact length of time that kombucha can last in the fridge depends on several factors.


Kombucha will generally not spoil like fresh milk, but it can lose its flavour or develop a vinegar-like taste if left out at room temperature for too long. In addition, warm temperatures can accelerate fermentation, leading to a fizzier beverage that may not taste as good. Refrigeration will slow down the fermentation process, making kombucha less sour and acidic and allowing it to last longer.

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The most important reason for kombucha refrigeration is to ensure the safety of the product. Kombucha contains yeast and bacteria, which can grow in the heat and make people sick. Refrigeration keeps kombucha cold enough to stop the growth of these unwanted microorganisms and prevents them from contaminating the rest of the brew. It also helps prevent the formation of harmful acetic acid, which is created when certain strains of bacteria in kombucha reach high levels and disrupt the pH balance of the drink.

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